The Most Popular Sports In America

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American Football

Apparently, one of the most popular professional sports in America. NFL is lauded by the fans as “arguably the biggest professional sports of America.


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A study shows 56% of the total number of people watching sports watch basketball. A fairly great figure if you as us. Due to the simplicity of the game, it is sometimes called the “most-played sport in the US.”


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One of our earlier articles listed it as one of the biggest money-makers in the sports industry. However, apart from the commercial aspect, this sport is also a game of strategy, precision, and strength.


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Americans love seeing growing men duke it out in the rings. You will get why we are saying that. This is a pure American sport that has deep roots in the history of American society.


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Ice Hockey

More popular in Canada than in America. Still, it has been featured in lists like, “most popular sports in America 2022”, “most popular sports in America 2021”, and “most popular sports in America 2020” consistently.